Dec 18, 2012

19 Fascinating Winter Landscapes

Gorgeous landscapes, early morning fog lifting off the frozen lake, the glistening icicles on the tree branches. Photography opportunities meet you at every corner.When your winter vacation takes you to the secluded, covered in snow, corner of Ontario; and you just discovered that perfect winter paradise scene; now you want to get it on film, or store it for latter so you can plaster it all over your desk top… Or maybe your children build that perfect snowman and you need to make a digital record of it, so you can show it to their children someday…
Photo: Jan Machata

Photo: Taurus13

Photo: Norbert Maier

Photo: Deep21

 Photo: Mark Geistweite

Photo: Janez Tolar

Photo: Tristan Shu

Photo: Evgeni Dinev

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