Jul 23, 2012

Foods to spice up your sex life

1. Pumpkin Seeds

Do you hate pumpkins? If you do, then you will have to find a way to love the little mean seeds insides, because they are essential to unleash your inner beast in the boudoir. Insanely replete with zinc and essential oils, these seeds are your one-way ticket to a raging sex life. The nutrients contained within, aid in boosting testosterone and sperm production, blowing your libido to orgasmic heights.

2. Oysters

If you think that oysters are good for holding pearls alone, these little wonders will come back to surprise you. Oysters are nature’s own version of Viagra. Loaded with zinc, omega-3 oils and monounsaturated fats, they aid in the sexual experience. Also, nothing adds more fireworks to sex than the intimate act of eating oysters with your partner. Kinky and nutritional!

3. Goji Berries

Don’t let these sweet little nubs fool you into believing that they are apparently worth nothing. Goji berries pack enough vitamins to have you kicking in the sack for an eternity. Not only do they boost testosterone production but also aid in delaying the climax, so that the fun need not end soon. Equipped with nutrients to stabilise mood and stamina, Goji Berries are extremely important for your sex life.

4. Bananas

The banana has been long mocked for its penile shape. The fact that it delivers much more than it looks is under-appreciated by most. The abundance of Vitamin B6 aids in balancing hormones and imitating the effect of serotonin secretion. Serotonin is responsible for the euphoric satisfaction after sex. The sugar content is a careful balance of complex and simple sugars that provide you with enough energy to last all night.

5. Celery

The weak and watery stalks offer much more than their looks, when it comes to boosting up one’s libido. The essential component in celery boosts the androsterone levels in male perspiration. This aid in the production of an aphrodisiacal pheromone that is responsible for making men seem irresistible to women.

6. Dark Chocolate

When women obsess over how chocolates are the next best thing to sex, they do not mean it lightly. One bite of dark chocolate releases enough endorphins to mirror an orgasm. A regular intake helps keep libidos high, so that lovemaking never gets tiresome.

7. Chillies

What better substance to ignite heated passions than the fiery chilli? Capsaicin, the active component contributing to the heat factor in chillies, is responsible for releasing the endorphins that spark sexual desire and aid in a fiery sexual chemistry.

Source : MensXP.com - India's largest Online lifestyle magazine

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