Mar 27, 2010

World’s Toughest Rehab Clinic

It has been said that the “Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand runs the toughest drug rehabilitation regime in the world”.

Hidden away in a forest, 140 km north of Bankok, Thailand, the Buddhist Monastery of Thamkrabok takes in alcoholics and drug users from all over the world. Unlinke famous detox clinics like Betty Ford (California), or Priory (London), this Thai monastery doesn’t have paparazzi lurking around, and it’s a lot cheaper. One month at Betty Ford Clinic costs $23,000, while just one week at Priory amounts to 5,000 pounds. At Thamkrabok Monastery, all you need is $3 for food, because treatment and accomodations are supported by donations.

The rehab treatment at Thamkrabok lasts 10 days, and only those who come of their own free will, are willing to follow all instructions, and are comitted to kicking their habit for good, are welcome. When they decide to go to Thamkrabok Monastery, patients must realize they are in for a rude awakening. No matter their social status or wealth, patients will have to sleep in a mass dormitory, wake up very early and take every medicine given by the monks.

That might sound bearable, but most of the herbal treatments at Thamkrabok will have anyone puking out their insides, almost instantly. Apart from the black herbal pills, disgusting herbal drinks, and tons of herbal teas, addicts also have to sweat out their habit in herbal saunas.

After the 10 day program is completed, patients have the option of staying a while longer, to meditate and do chores around the monastery. When they leave Thamkrabok, people must realize they will never get the chance to get treated again. If they leave, and they’re yet cured, they won’t be able to return

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