Mar 17, 2010

A miniature copy of Moscow 1977

Moscow, capital of Russia, one of the largest cities in the world. See an image of this, they show completely different from above Moscow. This is the lowest in the world Moscow..

In 1977 a group of authors Artists Maketchikov under the leadership of the famous Soviet artist Efim Maketchika Deshalyta, commissioned by the Soviet Foreign Ministry, created the first and only on the present three-dimensional diorama of the center of Moscow.
Over 300 artists worked on this project. Panorama was originally intended to demonstrate at the National Exhibition of 1977 to the days of the 60 th anniversary of the Soviet Union in America.

The model size of 16 meters in width, 9.5 meters deep and 6 meters in height was installed in specially designed isolated a large round room, equipped with sophisticated lighting devices and have an observation deck on the 200-250 people.

Detailing a very high level – all the windows of houses, and, moreover, the windows in the ships that sail on the river, shine! What’s even more impressive, the lighting has two modes – day and night. Buildings, squares and roads is also untrue that time.

The exposition was seen millions of people around the world: the people of the United States, Britain, Germany, Turkey and Bulgaria. In 1980 it was exhibited at VDNH and she admired the Olympics, the inhabitants of our side. For many countries, where the exposition was exhibited, there were proposals for its purchase. Astronaut Neil Armstrong in 1977, was ready to buy a model for Disneyland, but was refused

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