Feb 8, 2009

The most mysterious ghost towns in the world

Have you ever passed a deserted house and felt a shiver run up your spine? Chances are you had an encounter with a former occupant who just happen to be dead. If such spirited sojourns give you a thrill - you are in luck.

KOLMANSKOP (Namibia): Buried in sand

PRYPIAT (Ukraine): Chernobyl workers' home

SAN ZHI (Taiwan): a futuristic resort

CRACO (Italy): a fascinating medieval town

ORADOUR-SUR-GLANE (France): the horror of WWII

GUNKANJIMA (Japan): the forbidden island

KADYKCHAN (Russia): memories of the Soviet Union

KOWLOON WALLED CITY (China): A lawless city

FAMAGUSTA (Cyprus): once a top tourist destination, now a ghost town

AGDAM (Azerbaijan): once a 150,000 city of people, now lost

Source : kongjian.baidu

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