Dec 24, 2008

Heaven on Earth - Touch Nature

Kids who don’t spend time outdoors miss out on the valuable opportunity to bond with nature. There are a few things parents can do to help children learn to respect and appreciate all of the wonderful things the natural world has to offer.

Plant a Vegetable Garden with Kids

Gardening with kids is not only fun, it teaches science concepts, helps families bond, and shows youngsters how all things work together in nature to help sustain life – even the creepy crawly critters.

Children need to reap the rewards of their gardening efforts the first time around – so start off with vegetable selections that are easy to grow. Radishes, cherry tomatoes, and green beans grow without much maintenance. Once the kids become more comfortable with their experiences in the garden, fruits and vegetables that are more challenging to grow can be incorporated.

Dec 22, 2008

Pictures Around The World

Dec 19, 2008