Jul 12, 2008

Amazing Strange World - Pictures

The biggest sewage in the world is in Tokyo . A huge truck looks so tiny in the sewage channel ...

No need to him to pay for tickets to attend the game

A city in Switzerland is covering the city center with red carpet .. Amaging

Photographers has reached the end of adventurer to take some pictures.. cool

The longest bus in the world is in China
Long is: 25 M Have 5 doors
And can carry 300 passengers

The smallest robot ever in the world, trust me you wont see it even if it is with you in the same room .

A building in Japan that has a strange balcony as tea cups

First time I see a limousine car that causes this much of trouble for the rich people!

Do you want to see one of the professional drug smugglers boats? It has 2000 Yamaha outboard engines 8 engines with 250 h.p each! Wooh!!

Clear sea water in Maldives you think that the boat is floating in the air

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